Qualified Diver

Join us on a day excursion to the Marine Reserve of La Herradura where you will find some of the best dive sites in the whole of Southern Spain!

You will enjoy 2 guided dives at some fantastic sites which incorporate coral reefs with spectacular rock formation and colour. Swim through the natural arches and gullies taking time to check out small caverns which are great hiding places for octopus, squid, conger & moray eels.

You’ll also see large dense shoals of Sardines reflecting silver from the sun. The colourful walls of soft coral are home to lots of Nudibranch, Blennys and Sea Horses which makes an excellent opportunity for underwater photography.

The Marine Reserve features a peninsular with dive sites on both the east & west sides. Therefore whatever the weather we can always find calm and clear water averaging 15-20m visibility.

We provide full equipment and transport to the marine reserve, we usually meet up at one of our Dive Centres but if you are stuck for transport we can always make arrangements for a meeting point.

Minimum Age – 12

Duration 1 Day

Price – 95€

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