Scuba Tours – Sunset Beach Club

Located by the pool area of Sunset Beach Club hotel, the ‘Scuba Shack’ is the perfect base for course work. On site we have a small classroom and office, storage facilities for all the necessary scuba equipment, wash station and showers to rinse off by the pool.

With access of the large outdoor swimming pool only a few steps away, each morning we conduct confined water sessions for numerous courses including: BubbleMaker, Open Water Diver, Discover Scuba, etc…

As we are based within a beach front hotel we are only a few metres away from a great shallow dive site to a maximum depth of 10m. This is ideal for Discover Scuba, Open Water training, Specialty dives such as Navigation, Search & Recovery, Peak Performance Buoyancy and many more.

For the Qualified diver it’s a great local dive with plenty of life to sea such as Octopus, Cuttlefish, Grouper, wrasse, sardines, bass, bream, rays and so much more.

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