Surface Air Supply Diving (SaS)

Blurring the boundary between snorkelling and scuba diving it makes the underwater world more accessible for everyone, no matter their age or ability!

This is a new excursion offered by Scuba Tours for 2020, we are the first Dive Centre located in Mainland Spain to offer this unique experience!

This unique diving system which combines Snorkelling with Scuba Diving lets you enjoy the feeling of scuba diving with the freedom of a snorkeler. For first-time divers and young kids its a great way to experience the underwater world without having to take lessons in Scuba Diving and be put off by all the heavy equipment. Ideal for families as you can all dive together. Each system can cater for 2-3 people at a time and for the larger families we have more systems with further instructors on hand.

Being attached to a surface air supply that floats along the surface gives you all the time underwater without having to swim to the surface every time you need to take a breath of air.

After a short briefing on safety skills and how to use the equipment your qualified guide will take you into the sea and away you go to explore the underwater world in complete confidence and peace of mind.

Minimum Age – 8

Duration – 2 hours

Price 65€


Dive Centres

Adding the SaS Diving concept to your Dive Centre operation will encourage snorkelers to progress to Scuba Diving via this safe and enjoyable transitional experience. SaS Diving is a safe investment which provides a quick return. You can see your investment covered within week. For more details and presentation of our cost/benefit analysis contact

Yacht Owners & Brokers

The best solution for users of yachts and sailing boats. A complementary leisure item within the range of water toys also serving as a highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying underwater maintenance tasks and emergencies. The ultimate addition to the yacht charter toy range. For more details and Broker packages contact

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