Snorkelling is a great way to discover the many fish species in the Mediterranean sea and something the whole family can enjoy! The simplicity, flexibility and minimal gear makes it such a fun activity all round. 

At Scuba Tours we offer guided snorkelling trips. Basic equipment included are Mask, snorkel and flippers. We also supply short/full wet suits to add buoyancy, warmth or just piece of mind.

There’s so much to see, so be prepared to swim with Bass, bream, baby barracuda, sardine shoals, wrasse, octopus + cuttlefish depending on the time of season.

Basic swimming skills are recommended but its not necessary as we incorporate floating aids to help you relax and enjoy the multitudes of fish. 

Our guides will take you through a quick ‘how to snorkel’ method, if needed, in shallow water before you set off together to explore the rocky coves and coast of Benalmadena.

Single and group bookings are available and there is no minimum age limit. All that’s required is a sense of adventure. Feel free to bring a camera/Go-Pro along as you can take lot’s of photo’s from the surface or free diving.

Minimum age – 5 (recommended)

Duration – 1 & 1/2 hours (including briefing)

Price 35€

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