Advanced OWD Course

Lets take you to the next level!

The ‘PADI Advanced’ course does exactly what it says… It’s designed to advance a little more on what you’ve already learned on the previous ‘Open Water Diver’ course. You will gain a whole new range of scuba diving skills and experience through adventure dives.

You’ll enjoy a total of 5 advanced dives trying out many new specialties, including 2 core dives, the ‘Deep Dive’ at our Marine reserve of La Herradura where you learn the physiological effects and challenges of heading deeper and the ‘Underwater Navigation’ which refines and enhances your mapping and navigation skills.

Plus you get the chance to plan 3 dives with your instructor. Some popular options are ‘Underwater Photography’ where you can catch those special moments to show friends and family, ‘Peak Performance Buoyancy’ enabling you to conserve your air as well as the environment, ‘Fish Identification’ teaches you about the specific marine life in the Mediterranean Sea and you’re sure to sea plenty on your excursion dive. ‘Search & Recovery’ not only incorporates your new found navigation skills but also how to use effective search patterns, knot tying and rigging a lift bag. There are just so many options to choose from!

Upon completion you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40m. just imagine some of the amazing places you can dive around the world with this certification!

Minimum age – 15 (Junior Advanced 12 years)

Duration – 2 Days

Price – 320€

(see course materials)

OFFERS – Book 2 people for just 600€ (300€ per person)

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