Assistant Instructor

If you’re already a qualified divemaster (or leadership diver with another organisation) looking to take the next step towards gaining some real teaching knowledge then the Scuba tours PADI Assistant Instructor course is the logical step.

Not only will you gain a higher qualification level but some real in depth knowledge and new skills to boot. This course focuses on developing your teaching skills, a broader understanding of dive theory and teaching skills and ability to supervise a broader range of scuba diving activities and assisting instructors with courses.

The Assistant instructor qualification is credited as part 1 completion of the full IDC Instructor Development Course and can be completed in 5 days. It allows you to be more prepared for your full Instructor development course (IDC) and can really help by splitting the cost of instructor into 2 sections and allow yourself more flexibility and time.

Online academic sections are completed before the course start date and available in most languages.

Minimum Age – 18

Price – 450€

Duration – 5 Days

(see course materials)

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