IDC Staff Instructor

As a recreational diver you looked up to your Divemaster as a role model. As a Divemaster you looked to your instructor. As a staff instructor you are setting the standard of excellence in training and diver training knowledge for all pro staff around you!

This rating ensures that you have the knowledge base, training and PADI standards to make you stand out from the rest.

Most dive operations look first to hire a staff instructor over any other qualification because of this.

Padi staff instructors are an important part of any instructor development course.

Part of the course will assess your theory of diving knowledge, standards and procedures as well as your skills.

You will work alongside our course directors giving presentations, marking and assisting IDC candidates in the classroom, confined and open water sections. You will also learn how to properly conduct and teach the PADI assistant instructor course.

Minimum Age – 18

Price – 550€

DiveMaster | Assistant Instructor | Instructor | Master Scuba Diver Trainer | IDC Staff Instructor