As an open water scuba instructor you are one of the most in demand dive professionals in the world. This is because you have completed the skills and training required to teach the PADI system.

This course is an intense program taught in a relaxed environment. The Scuba Tours IDC (Instructor Development Course) covers all aspects of assistant instructor and full open water instructor.

On the IDC you will cover dive theory and practice exams, skill evaluation, the system of diver education via classroom presentations, you will be guided through confined and open water training dive presentations and finally an assessment of your rescue diver skills. As a PADI open water scuba instructor your qualification is the most highly recognised worldwide and will enable you to work freelance or within a PADI dive centre teaching PADI courses whilst having the best training help and materials to hand.

Once you’ve completed your IDC course you can opt to go straight on to the IE (Instructor Examination) weekend which we schedule our annual IDC courses around whilst the training is fresh in mind. Alternatively if you would prefer to take more time you may opt to partake in an IE elsewhere. They are scheduled worldwide throughout the year on the PADI calendar.

Minimum Age – 18

Price – 895€

Duration – 9 Days

(see course materials)


We run internships each year over the summer months between June and September. If you’re already a PADI Divemaster (or equivalent from a different diving organisation) and your goal is to become a PADI Instructor then this is the most economical way!

We offer the IDC Instructor course in return for 4 months working at Scuba Tours as a Divemaster, this is based on 5 days a week with 2 days off. All you’ll need to pay for is your PADI Instructor materials and we will put you through the IDC with our Course Director.

Following the IDC you can take the Instructor Examination which we schedule for the finish of our IDC or you can take time out and participate in an IE elsewhere throughout the PADI world IE Calendar.

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